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Stress Management: How To Choose A Mate Without Getting Stressed Out

Posted on April 27, 2022 by Darrell Eggler

Twenty percent of most first marriages fail within five years of the marriage date. Ultimately, as time passes, the divorce rate becomes 50 percent. In case you are stressed, you involve some valid statistics to back up your feelings.

Here is really a solution to manage your stress when considering a potential partner. Have a step back and appearance at these five major areas:

Self awareness.

If you're living from your own strengths, giving your focus on your emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual needs, and staying linked to those that matter for you, you are sitting on a good base. Rarely do anybody have many of these areas together, but to understand them also to be working toward them puts you way ahead towards developing a successful union.


It is vital that you feel clear concerning the qualities you absolutely will need to have or cannot endure in another. Most relationships fail because both people discovered too late that another one had traits they might not live with. Take the time and create a list of the very best ten non-negotiable requirements you 'must' have in somebody. Once you learn your requirements, you'll lessen your stress considerably.

Character assessment.

Integrity may be the foundation for a relationship that lasts. You should be watchful for the signs that reveal if someone lies, cheats, steals, or has addiction problems. Take note also of the warning flag of someone with a volatile temperament. Uncontrollable anger is really a large reason behind relationship failure. A relationship with someone with an unhealthy character won't work until they seek and obtain help because of their problems.


Having an identical attitude about life is effective. Negativity, "poor me," arrogance, a chip on the shoulder, and an attitude of entitlement (the planet owes me) are signs of problems just waiting to occur.


This area can cover an array of values and interests. Major ones to consider are intellect, education, and religious background and practices. You might not need your own future partner to create just as much money as you do or even to be as successful at their work, nonetheless it could be essential that you share the same intellect so that you can have conversations which will last an eternity.

If you need to manage your stress when you are dating and looking for a wife, look to the aforementioned qualities for clarity. Chemistry and visual appearance may initially attract you, and definitely could be important, however the values in the above list must also be there.